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(Justice & Necessity of Taxing the American Colonies, Demonstrated. Together with a Vindication of the Authority of Parliament) Publication Date: 1766 The author administers a public scolding for the “undutiful” and “disobedient behaviour of Britain's children abroad.” He admonishes the colonists for ingratitude: “While the colonies were under any apprehensions from the encroachments of the French and Indians, they submitted to the British legislature without reluctance.” Now that the danger had passed, the Americans thought they won the War all by themselves “by the reduction , in a couple of short days, by a couple of little cannons, of a little island hardly discernible in a map, called Cape-Breton.” Contending for the absolute supremacy of Parliament, the author endorses the assistance rendered them by the Mother Country. “This is, in truth, a most fiery politician, and his pamphlet a mere firebrand. In the reply to the objections of the colonists to a standing army, he says that they have need of the gentlemen of the blade, to polish and refine their manners, to rub off the rust of Puritanism.” # 0006
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