Texas Tech University

Student Scholar

The Remnant Trust Student Scholar Award

The Remnant Trust and Texas Tech University are offering a Student Scholar Award for a Texas Tech University undergraduate or graduate student to do individual research using documents from The Remnant Trust Collection to create and curate an exhibit, as well as make a presentation to the university and wider community. The award will be for Spring semester 2021.

The successful candidate will receive $3,000 (including taxes) for this one-semester project. Students will be expected to commit 10 hours per week to working closely with The Remnant Trust and other special collection librarians toward the research, preparation, and public presentation of this project. The student scholar should have a faculty advisor for his or her project.

The Remnant Trust Student Scholar Award Summary

The Student Scholar Award offers students the following opportunities:

  • To help fulfill the shared mission of The Remnant Trust and Texas Tech University to create a public dialogue on the importance of historical and original texts;
  • To participate in an active, collaborative learning experience;
  • To find creative means of expression and communication through the curating of an exhibit and the public presentation of research;
  • To present ideas in an exhibit and/or online project. 

How to Apply:

    • Note: the application must be signed by the applicant's faculty advisor.
  • Please submit application via email at info@theremnanttrust.com or by mail to The Remnant Trust, Inc., Texas Tech University, Box 41041, Lubbock, TX 79409-1041.

For questions or more information about this opportunity, please contact The Remnant Trust, Inc. at (806) 742-0375, or info@theremnanttrust.com.