Texas Tech University

Danica King

Texas Tech Student of Integrated Scholarship

International Business,
Rawls College of Business

Danica KingI don't know that there are many schools where even in a class of 300 students you can still walk away personally knowing your professor, that is definitely what I value most. The professors truly do care.

Danica King has grown up with a traveler's spirit. Since she was a girl, King and her family traveled internationally, and she always enjoyed learning about new places and cultures. Now a junior at Texas Tech, King is an international business major and pursuing a minor in French. Over the past summer she was part of a group of students that studied abroad in France with Professor Carole Edwards. She describes the experience as enlightening—not only for the opportunity to strengthen her language skills but to learn about French culture. Back in Lubbock, King has been involved in several service projects with her sorority to promote breast cancer education. Looking ahead, she has her eye on internships in Europe. King says she feels fortunate to have experienced so much in her life, and she hopes to give back through a career that supports humanitarian efforts around the world.

Learn more about Student of Integrated Scholarship Danica King in this question-and-answer session.

What got you interested in your major?

I am currently a junior majoring in international business with a minor in French. Growing up I often traveled internationally. From a young age I have had a love for traveling and exploring new countries, I think that is the main reason why I ended up majoring in international business.

What courses are you taking this semester?

This semester I am taking French Grammar, International Marketing, Finance, and Economics of Multinational Enterprises.

What is the most challenging course you've taken? How has it affected you?

I don't know that I could narrow it down to one course because I have taken several courses that I found challenging. In the business school, accounting with Professor Roberta Allen was quite difficult for me because of the sheer intimidation factor that the teacher had on me. It was a class that you really had to put in an extra mile for if you wanted to succeed. I have also taken biology with Professor Michael Dini. This course was very interesting but was extremely challenging. Each of these professors demanded a lot for their courses, often leading me to wonder whether or not they realized I had any other classes; however, I also learned the most from these classes. Aside from learning the material itself, I was taught how to study and learn in a more effective way. I am very thankful that I took these courses.

Have you completed internships or had other work experience applicable to your field of study?

I have not completed an internship thus far, however, this summer I do plan to intern in Europe for an IT company. Nothing has been finalized yet, but those are my current plans.

I have, however, participated in study abroad, which I found very beneficial for me to grow in my understanding of the French language and culture.

What service projects (volunteering, community service, etc.) have you been involved in?

I am very lucky to be part of my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. Aside from the sisterhood we are involved in many community service efforts. Our philanthropy is breast cancer education and awareness, and as such we participate in various service projects for the cause. I have also been involved in the Susan G. Komen youth group at Texas Tech; they have organized several events, such as Pink Down Broadway, where I was able to collect money on Broadway with the other members. We ended up collecting quite a lot. I also volunteered to participate in a teaching seminar for ultrasound and the medical school. I learned a lot from this particular volunteer experience.

What advice would you give to other students who would like to be a Student of Integrated Scholarship? Students of Integrated Scholarship balance academics with additional activities, such as research, internships, service learning, and study abroad.

I would say to know what your end goal is, and when opportunities arise that pertain to your end goal, take them. Whether or not these opportunities seem like extra work, the knowledge and experience you receive from them will be endless.

What are your plans after graduation?

Though I do not have any exact plans for after graduation, I do know what I plan to be doing in general. I would like to work abroad with the United Nations or various state departments. I know how lucky I am in what I have been given in life, and I really want to give back. I would love to do either humanitarian or community development work. If I could make the smallest change somewhere, then I will feel accomplished.

What experiences do you value most as a student at Texas Tech?

I have been very fortunate with some of the professors that I have had. Two of my professors, in particular, have become friendly faces around campus. Even when I am no longer taking their courses, I still keep in touch with them, and they have both become mentors for me. I don't know that there are many schools where even in a class of 300 students you can still walk away personally knowing your professor, that is definitely what I value most. The professors truly do care.


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