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Laurel Moore

Texas Tech Student of Integrated Scholarship

Communication Design,
College of Visual and Performing Arts

Laurel MooreManage your time, don't settle for mediocrity, and try to find things that you enjoy working on.

Communication design senior Laurel Moore has a zeal for the creative. While growing up, she occupied herself with crafts and art projects. Moore later developed an interest in the graphic arts and Texas Tech's design program, wherein a defining period of her education was spent in Italy. Studying abroad surrounded Moore with the works of artistic masters she'd only read about. “It was amazing to see what I'd been learning,” she recalled. Coursework focused on service learning and membership in the Women's Service Organization further lifted Moore's experiences.

Learn more about Student of Integrated Scholarship Laurel Moore in this question-and-answer session.

What got you interested in your major?

I've always been interested in art and design. From the time I was little, I've created art projects for myself for fun. When I was in high school, and while my sister was an architecture major at Texas Tech, she told me about the graphic design program at Tech. When she described all of the work that graphic artists do, I knew I wanted to make that my career.

What courses are you taking this semester?

This semester I'm taking an intro to photography, portfolio, operations management, and Topics in Communication Design: Marketing & Branding Identity.

Have you completed any service-learning courses?

I have taken a course that served nonprofit organizations in the community of Lubbock with free design work. Our class would work in teams to come up with different branding ideas for each organization. Over the semester we helped Literacy Lubbock and Project Linus.

What is the most challenging course you've taken? How has it affected you?

There have been several courses that have been very challenging over the past four years, but one of the most challenging courses that I've taken was my first design methods class. The class introduced Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Looking back on the course itself, the workload wasn't challenging; it was the amount of information given in a short period of time. Before college I hardly ever used the computer, other than for writing papers for class, so once I started the course I struggled keeping up with everyone else in the program. After putting in a good amount of time and effort, I was able to learn the programs and see how each one is similar and different. Now I'm able to work in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, and Flash. That course taught me to not give up and be intimidated by something you don't know how to do.

Have you completed internships or had other work experience applicable to your field of study?

This past semester I interned with Griffin Wink Advertising Agency. I haven't had any official jobs, but I have made a few things for people who ask me to make something for them.

What other service projects have you been involved in?

Apart from my major, I was also involved in Women's Service Organization. The service organization did volunteer work for various organizations throughout Lubbock. I did volunteer work for Lubbock State School, Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, Women's Protective Services, Race for The Cure, and Relay for Life. I was part of this organization for a year and half. For each semester we had to complete 25 hours of community service.

What advice would you give to other students who would like to be a Student of Integrated Scholarship? Students of Integrated Scholarship balance academics with additional activities, such as research, internships, service learning, and study abroad.

I would say the best things to do are manage your time, don't settle for mediocrity, and try to find things that you enjoy working on. College is the time to learn and see what you are capable of doing and if you're willing to do it.

What are your plans after graduation?

I would like to work at a design firm that would give me a certain amount of freedom, so that I could challenge myself and grow in my knowledge of graphic design. I'd like to achieve a stable knowledge of what I'm doing and possibly be able to work on my own. During my career, I want to create beautiful things. I want to be a voice for those who don't have a voice. I want to make a difference with the skills I've learned and hope to pass it on to someone else.

What experiences do you value most as a student at Texas Tech?

I value the challenge of college overall. It's challenging socially, educationally, and mentally; you learn so much each semester. I didn't realize how much I would learn and be inspired from being around other students.


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