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Students of Integrated Scholarship at Texas Tech

What defines a "Student of Integrated Scholarship"?

Students of Integrated Scholarship dedicate themselves to a course of lifelong learning and advance Texas Tech's role in educating, serving and inspiring others to do the same.

The concept of Integrated Scholarship is exemplified in students who, akin to many faculty members, are flourishing as they pursue a course of lifelong learning through self-study and scholarly engagement both within and external to the campus environs. The partnership model for student learning—in which students work collaboratively with faculty members, other students, and members of society—has tremendous potential for advancement both personally and professionally. The Integrated Scholarship model we see for students also embraces modes of active learning, including service learning and internships, undergraduate and graduate research, and study abroad experiences and learning. Moreover, we suggest that when students adopt a commitment to lifelong learning, active learning and integrated scholarship, a synergy among these efforts provides powerful benefits as future scholars, professionals and leading citizens of our world community.

How are the Students of Integrated Scholarship chosen?

It is inspiring to think about Texas Tech students who display characteristics of Integrated Scholars. Each year the provost works with the academic deans to develop lists of students who exemplify the Integrated Scholar concept.

Meet Students of Integrated Scholarship Honorees

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