Texas Tech University

Joshua R. Barron, M.B.A.

Senior Director
Student Success & Retention

Email: joshua.barron@ttu.edu

Phone: 806-742-7774

Let's Connect on Linked in ... 'Click here for my profile on Linkedin.com.Joshua R. Barron, M.B.A., is the Senior Director for Student Success & Retention under the Office of the Provost at Texas Tech University. As a member of the University Programs & Student Success team, He serves the campus community as the Retention, Effectiveness, and Advising Liaison focusing on catalyzing and maximizing the university's success-oriented initiatives.

Joshua believes that, with deliberate effort, people and organizations can positively impact every person and situation they encounter. Therefore, Joshua focuses his professional efforts on equipping, organizing, empowering, and supporting efforts to serve students, particularly through advisor professional development, training, retention intelligence, and technological innovation.

From his work in information technology and knowledge management, consulting with global organizations, and investing in one-to-one mentoring of students, Joshua's experience has proven beneficial in affecting change. His core competencies can be summed up as "4-i's" ... insight, ideas, innovation, and impact. Joshua is interested in the dynamics that produce positive changes within individuals, teams, and systems of people; especially the effects of technology on these processes.

A native of Lamesa, Texas, Joshua graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and earned his Master of Business Administration in Organizational Strategy and Management Information Systems from the University of Texas at Dallas. Joshua is currently finishing a Ph.D. from Texas Tech in the discipline of Technical Communication & Rhetoric, focusing on influencing positive change by understanding complex audiences and improving professional writing that documents one-to-one interactions in ways that are necessary and appropriate, but also engaging and beneficial.

Away from the office, Joshua is heavily invested in his family (an amazing wife, their four energetic children, and their Canine Muppet) and several community organizations that support positive change in the lives of the people they impact.

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Texas Tech University

Ph.D In-Progress (Coursework Complete), Technical Communication & Rhetoric
2009 – 2016

In process of developing reading list, committee, and dissertation proposal. Anticipated graduation: 2016.

University of Texas at Dallas - Naveen Jindal School of Management

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Dual Concentration: Management Information Systems & Organizational Behavior
1996 – 1998

Activities and Societies: Student Senator

Texas Tech University

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), Management
1993 – 1996

Activities and Societies: University Chorale, Beta Theta Pi, LateNite

Employment Experience

Unit Associate Director

Texas Tech University - University Advising
July 2006 – August 2013 (7 years, 2 months) Lubbock, Texas Area

STRATEGY & ASSESSMENT: Responsible for development and ongoing management of department's desired student learning outcomes, their relation to institutional strategic planning, and annual assessment of outcomes.

PEOPLE: Oriented, motivated, deployed, encouraged, measured, and rewarded professional and student workforce to measurably accomplish stated strategic goals and objectives. Implemented daily use of job descriptions and organizational planning for focus and accountability. Developed and utilized growth plans with professional staff. Created employee performance measurement, promotions, rewards and recognition systems. Counseled low performers, including termination and reassignment in some extreme cases. Reorganized team responsibilities to best utilize staff talents and experience for immediate successes while providing skill development opportunities for long term individual and team improvement. Celebrated victories, endured and overcame challenges, and grieved losses in professional work and personal lives of staff with sincerity and sensitivity.

COMMUNICATIONS: Managed content of advising web pages. Presented to parents and families of all incoming students at Red Raider Orientation (RRO), plus 1/3 of incoming students. Implemented consistent branding of advising programs and services from an end-user's perspective to better engage potential student users.

PROCESSES: Employed regular and systematic analysis of performance to initiate process changes based on substantiated needs with measurable improvements in customer service and corporate culture. Facilitated and monitored documentation of all technical and personnel related processes. Worked to understand, communicate, and improve job descriptions and organizational policies based on strategic departmental goals and objectives. Standardized employee performance measurement, reward and recognition systems to enable and reinforce policy and process changes.

Leadership and Oversight

Texas Tech University Prelaw Program
2008 – July 2013 (5 years) Lubbock, Texas Area

Section Manager of Academic Facilities & Services

Texas Tech University - Information Technology: Technology Support
August 2005 – July 2006 (1 year) Lubbock, Texas Area

Anticipated future student needs; managed professional and student staffing, performance management, and resource allocation. Acted as firefighter for real-time pressures in the computer lab environment with technology hardware and software, logistics, and personnel. Developed capital replacement plan for each year, maintained inventory of hardware and software for all computer labs, managed signage and branding design and implementation, analyzed facilities-in-use on a real-time basis.


Director of Student Ministries

Westminster Presbyterian Church
June 2003 – July 2005 (2 years 2 months) Lubbock, Texas Area

Implemented departmental MBO (Management By Objectives) to manage weekly activities of six relationally-driven college interns. Utilized personnel evaluations, training program & personal mentoring to increase effectiveness of student management. Wrote and delivered audience appropriate training curriculum bi-weekly. Completed per-student assessment of adolescent development, theological understanding, parental, social, and environmental factors. Built meaningful and long-lasting relationships with students, families, partners, colleagues, and community members.

Associate Director of Youth Ministries

Highland Park Presbyterian Church
October 2000 – May 2003 (2 years 8 months) Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Instituted Student Leadership Development program. Coordinated Intern Orientation, designed and delivered training curriculum. Managed college intern staff. Identified and standardized processes for growing department. Recruited and organized volunteer leadership team to equip and deploy adults for increased effectiveness in annual planning and event execution. Reinvented fund-raising events (increasing annual giving from $6000 to $15,000; 2005-06 effort raised $52,000). Built meaningful and long-lasting relationships with students, families, partners, colleagues, and community members.

E-Business Consultant

Buchanan Associates
April 2000 – October 2000 (7 months) Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Consultant for Texas Motor Speedway: Interviewed NASCAR fans, business executives, race sponsors, drivers and driving teams to understand needs, website requirements, supporting infrastructure. Created redesigned web presence to achieve objectives.

Consultant for Inspire Insurance: Analyzed business processes and internal technology systems. Developed improvement channels and change management project plan.

Senior Knowledge Management Associate

December 1998 – March 2000 (1 year 4 months) Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Navigated organizational structure and evaluated FAS processes through requirements gathering, process design, software development, IT strategic planning, and change management deployment of global team building and knowledge management tool.

Future By Design Intern

EDS, an HP Company
December 1997 – December 1998 (1 year 1 month) Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Used Service Level Rationalization methodology to assess organizational effectiveness and develop healthier and more profitable environments for Marketing, Communications Divisions.


2016 Regional Symposium for Student Success & Retention

February 2016

On February 29-March 1, representatives of regional leadership, faculty, enrollment, academic affairs, and student affairs teams will join together in Lubbock as we engage these challenging topics and hear from around the region. Our facilitators, panelists, and presenters will help us consider our own opportunities as we discuss the challenges and the variety of current innovative approaches happening in their respective domains.

We are especially pleased to announce that Dr. Raymund Paredes, Commissioner of Higher Education for the State of Texas, Dr. Mark Milliron, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Civitas Learning, and Dr. Ed Venit, EAB, have agreed to bring their remarks on these issues and opportunities in three keynote addresses.

Institutions from across the state have been invited to send individual leaders, or to bring teams of participants. Ideally they will bring diverse teams, with members ranging from senior executives to data analysts to front-line faculty, advisors, ... possibly including creative leaders from their undergraduate and graduate populations. 

Though we cannot guarantee innovation, we may still catalyze it by facilitating intentional hierarchical disruption … but we must create this strategically so our institutions and their stakeholders might benefit.

Many thanks to the sponsors and exhibitors whose creativity and commitments have made this gathering possible:

Success-Level Sponsors
• TTU Office of the President & TTU Office of the Provost, who fund the Student Success & Retention Initiative through TTU Division of Undergraduate Education & Student Affairs
• Civitas Learning

Persistence-Level Sponsors
• Helix Education
• TTU Division of Institutional Diversity, Equity, & Community Engagement 

Retention-Level Sponsors
• Visual Schedule Builder
• Pharos Resources
• Townsend Communications
• Ruffalo Noel Levitz

Provost's Task Force on Student Success & Retention

Starting October 2014

Under the direction of the Vice Provost, handled project management, collected and redistributed ideas and research, and encouraged facilitation and collaboration within/between the four working groups: Academic Enhancement & Interventions, Assessment & Accountability, Academic Advising, and Analysis & Technology Ecosystem.

Education Advisory Board Student Success Collaborative Platform Implementation at Texas Tech University

July 2014

Facilitating the implementation of this technology platform on the Texas Tech University campus as needed by the various leadership team members, end users, and vendor consultants.

TEDx TexasTechUniversity

Starting September 2014
  • Develop speaker's application and solidify submission process 
  • Develop fair selection process and communicate with speakers
  • Point of contact for speakers including recruitment, travel arrangements, accommodations, special production needs
  • Manage speaker slide presentation style and format
  • Coordinate with high-level administrators to utilize as welcome & pre/post lunch speakers

AXIS (Advising Customer Relationship Management System)

Starting November 2006

Chief cook & bottle washer for TTU version and Open Source development versions of AXIS, an advising management system.

TTU PreEngineering Program

December 2009 – August 2013

Leadership & Oversight

CFAS 2300 - Think, Speak, Act: Communication, Civility, & Ethics

September 2009 – December 2009

Supported Dr. Kitty Harris-Wilkes in the instruction of this course for the Honors College and the College of Human Sciences at Texas Tech University.

Emerging Sophomore Survey Instrument and Report

October 2009

Participated as an invited professional to help develop and refine the Second-Year Survey Instrument for Noel-Levitz.

Consulting Engagement: Student Retention Intervention System (Anonymous Company)

May 2010 – May 2010

Assisted anonymous software vendor in reviewing and planning for future improvements to its existing student relationship management system. Outputs included Advisor and Administrator Points of Pain, Marketing Plan, Business Plan Revision.

Consulting Engagement: TSF First Generation College Parent Guide

July 2010

Created layout and design for new TSF parent publication authored by Jodi Gonzalez for the Suder Foundation.

Consulting Engagement: Integration and Coordination of Academic Advising to Facilitate Student Transition and Retention (University of North Texas)

June 2009

At the request of the Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Mr. Barron engaged University of North Texas administrators, staff, and faculty in academic advising roles to discuss challenges in college/program transitions and brainstorm solutions. Interactive ideation, action planning, and accountability frameworks were all created as outputs from this concentrated on-campus engagement.


Invited Session Presenter: Leveraging Technology to Transform Advising Culture (DECLINED: BUDGET)

2016 NACADA International Conference - Hosted by Zayed University - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
February 22, 2015

Because no student lives in a vacuum, it is unwise for advisors to disconnect, disengage, or specialize to a degree that makes their advising irrelevant in the students' real experience. In contrast, our incredibly connected students expect advice that is robust, accurate, and multi-faceted. The experience of one large North American public university in successfully implementing three new campus-wide advising technologies provides a valuable case study in how a software implementation project is catalyzing the transformation of interactions between advisors, faculty, support personnel, administrators, and students. Current research, consulting strategies, communications, and Q&A will all be elements in today's dynamic dialogue.

Invited Keynote Speaker: What is Good Advice Anyhow?

Omega Chapter of Phi Upsilon Omicron (Phi U), Lubbock, TX
February 3, 2015

Invited by the Omega Chapter of Phi U, Mr. Barron helped the members of this national honor society consider a framework for weighing and making actionable the many pieces of advice they receive, particularly in the terms immediately prior to graduating from College. These students in Human Sciences were led to think through academic excellence, personal and professional leadership, and the value of personal and professional service in improving our community and world.

Invited Keynote Speaker: Advice as You Graduate in the Class of 2013

Harmony Science Academy, Lubbock, TX
May 28, 2013

Using advice offered by members of the audience, Mr. Barron walked the second graduating class of Harmony Science Academy (Lubbock) through the process of weighing each advice, considering values and goals, and taking action leading to three types of positive change: personal development, professional success, and community investment.

Invited Session Speaker: Question & Answer + Action Plan Consulting for Technology in Academic Advising

NACADA 8th Annual Academic Advising Administrators' Institute
February 16, 2010

Invited Session Speaker: What Administrators Need to Know about Effectively Using Technology in Academic Advising

NACADA 8th Annual Academic Advising Administrators' Institute, Tampa, FL
February 15, 2010