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If you enjoy building healthy relationships and aren't afraid of working hard as a team, we have the job for you... Student Success & Retention (Success.TTU.edu) is hiring Peer Success Coaches! 

Our hourly rates are VERY competitive, professional development opportunities abound, and the working environment is second-to-none.  

What is a PSC?

Peer Success Coaches (PSCs) are undergraduate students who engage and assist their fellow students.  PSCs provide support by listening carefully to students' concerns, by making connections with campus resources, and by following-up.  PSCs help Texas Tech make certain that no student falls through the cracks when they're needing to get some help.  

PSC's also represent STP's Academic Life Coaches in resource fairs, and they work in teams to develop and deliver interactive training sessions on success strategies when SSR is invited to speak by instructors and campus organizations. 

So what's this about a PLC?

A Peer Life Coach (PLCs) might be desribed as PSC+. They are PSCs plus an extra training regimen, aimed toward the future opportunity to earn a formal certification.

Here's a little context that may be helpful. You might already know about life coaching at Texas Tech. In case it is new to you, the first introduction should be to Texas Tech's official academic life coaching program: Success Takes Practice, or STP for short. The STP team is made up of both professional staff and student employees (PSCs)...

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The STP professional staff are Life Coaches, certified by the IFC based on hours of study, training, observed practice, mentoring, and examination. Our PSC training has always informally mirrored key aspects of life coach training, reflecting key practices of life coaching that have become part of our culture.

Along the way, our PSCs began to express interest in the process. One of these went so far as to complete the full certification process; he now works for SSR in a professional capacity as a certified life coach.

Taking this to the next level, in 2022, our Success Takes Practice (STP) leadership team implemented the first phase of an internally-developed training process to further develop our most motivated PSCs; they're now spending focused time engaged in purposeful training on life coaching fundamentals.

Upon completion of the training process, these students are promoted to the role of PLC, reflecting their additional capacities to serve their peers in the initial stages of life coaching. PLCs aren't yet certified by the IFC, but we're working on that, too. Stay tuned for more developments.

For now, you can just remember that, when you come to work as a PSC with SSR's Success Takes Practice program, you're not signing on to any everyady student worker job, and there's always room for your personal and professional growth. Our PSCs are investing in themselves, supporting their fellow students, and building experience that may even lead to a professional certification in the exciting field of life coaching. Our team is growing, and we're always on the lookout for humble, hungry, and intelligent folks to expand and enhance our robust and diverse team.

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