Texas Tech University

SSR-Coordinated Initiatives

Efforts In Place or In Progress

Improvement, Innovation, Thought Leadership

Student-Facing Resources/Tools

Stakeholder Support

Analysis & Project Management

Planned/Proposed Efforts

  • ACLU Webinar Courses on Improved Advising
  • Second Year Retention Outreach & Engagement Programming
  • Summer Recovery Program
  • Analysis of Correlation Between Retention & Resources/Interventions
  • Integration of SSR Ticket Management and AdviseTech Knowledgebase Systems
  • DegreeWorks Reports – Mass Audit
  • Improved WiFi Access in High-Traffic Periods/Locations for Students
  • WiFi Usage Analysis (Attendance Proxy for Early Alert Outreach)
  • Expanded Peer Success Coaching
  • Coordination of New Campus Success Campaigns
  • "Success-Looks-Like" Promotional Campaign
  • "Summer in the 806" Campaign
  • Student-Oriented Mobile "Nudge" App (EAB SSC-Guide)
  • Research Grants for Discipline-Specific Student Success Studies
  • Re-Vamp of Advising Awards OR Creation of Success Awards (Provost-Annual)
  • Creation of Success Recognitions (SSR-Monthly)
  • NACADA Memberships for all TTU Advisors
  • Community Assistant Training
  • Graduate Assistant Training
  • Provost's Representatives to NACADA Annual Conference
  • Formalize Advising Graduate Certificate & Advising Academy