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The Commons

When we Commoners speak of community we mean a collection of individuals who identify themselves as part of a group, with neither the existence of the group nor the membership within it determined by outsiders.

And when we Commoners speak of transdisciplinary we mean a particular way of operating on the range of study or inquiry, which is a range of differences but with no connotation of good or bad, better or worse, preferred or not.  That range may be summarized as:

  • Disciplinary — wholly within a particular field of study or inquiry; reductionist and exclusive in nature
  • Crossdisciplinary — viewing one discipline from the perspective of another
  • Multidisciplinary — drawing from different disciplines while working together on a process but staying within individual boundaries; additive in nature
  • Interdisciplinary — the integration of different disciplines into a coordinated and coherent whole; interactive in nature
  • Transdisciplinary — a unity of different disciplines that transcends traditional boundaries; holistic and inclusive in nature





The Commons