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Writing Center Pedagogy

As faculty know, developing effective writing skills takes time and effort. Writing is not a straightforward technical skill; rather, it is a complex cognitive, culturally inflected, socially situated process that requires ongoing practice to foster its growth. By critically reading and discussing their writing with a consultant, graduate writers can learn to communicate their ideas clearly and confidently in a variety of contexts.

Faculty, please note:

To consult on exams, we require written permission from a faculty member. Please email us in advance with your permission.

If you wish to require writing center consultations as part of a class, please contact us. We have found that required visits work best when they are preceded by a class presentation/workshop. We can discuss what type of presentation will be most beneficial for your needs.

The process of developing writing skills takes time and repeated practice. If you have a concern about a student's need for improvement in this area, our associate director would be happy to have a conversation about how the Undergraduate Writing Center can help.

Along with the TLPDC, the UWC is a resource for feedback on writing pedagogy, including writing assignment development and assessment. Contact us for more information.