Texas Tech University

Consultant Bios

Rebecca Bruning

Becky Bruning serves as a writing consultant and social media coordinator for the Graduate Writing Center. She is currently a master's student in Communications Studies at Texas Tech University. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2002 where she received a bachelor's degree in Linguistics. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, learning languages, drinking tea, and spending time with her family.


Alex Claman (they/he)

Alex Claman received a BA in Classical Studies with minors in Archaeology and Medieval and Renaissance Studies from Carleton College, and is working concurrently on an MA in Ancient Mediterranean Archaeology and an MS in Geography with a focus on GIS. They have fieldwork experience in both Greece and Italy, with research interests including archaeological and geographic theory, fieldwork methodology, and Ancient Mediterranean influences on speculative fiction. Their thesis examines the persistence of buried landscape forms. PhD applications are in progress.

 Alex Claman

Kate Despres


Kelsey Forkner

Kelsey Forkner is in her second year of the master's in art education program at Texas Tech. She has a previous master's degree in English from Illinois State University. She has worked in writing centers since 2010, and she particularly enjoys helping students with cover letters and scholarship essays. 

Kelsey Forkner

Caroline Hetherington


Laura Koleva

Laura Koleva currently works as a consultant for Texas Tech's Online and Graduate Writing Centers. She has a master's in English from Mississippi State University, where she then worked as a lecturer of first-year composition classes and as a consultant. Now, she is working on her Ph.D. in English with a minor in composition and rhetoric.


Seanie Mardell


Marché Mathhews-Noel

Hi, I'm Marché! I am a student pursuing a Master of Environmental Engineering here at TTU and a first-generation college student. In my experience, many people pursuing STEM majors have a "strong disliking" towards writing, well, anything. Despite that, I am one of the few in my field that enjoy writing, so much so that as a consultant here at the UWC I strive to help my fellow STEM majors, first-gen students, and anyone that I consult become better writers. Some things I like to do when I have free time: I enjoy writing (obviously), watching sports, playing volleyball, riding my skateboard, and spending time with the people closest to me. I look forward to working with you. Wreck 'em!

Marché Mathhews-Noel

Hannah Percival


Charity Pihlaja

Charity Pihlaja is in her third year as a consultant with the Undergraduate Writing Center. She earned bachelor's degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication as well as English from New Mexico State University. Currently she is working on a Master's in Writing from the University of North Alabama. She enjoys reading, taking walks, and losing in Mario Kart tournaments with her family.




William Sinclair

William Sinclair is a consultant in the Graduate Writing Center. He is a doctoral student in the College of Visual and Performing Arts and holds a bachelor's and master's degree in English from Austin Peay State University. Before joining the Writing Center in 2019, William served as an instructor at Texas Tech and has previously taught at West Texas A&M, Austin Peay, and Nashville State. His current research focuses on immersive productions, both live and digital, and the horror genre.

Susan Stone Lawrence

Susan Stone-Lawrence (SS-L) has worked as a writing consultant in the GWC since January 2017. A doctoral candidate in Theatre Arts, earning the Interdisciplinary PhD in Fine Arts with emphases in History/Theory/Criticism and Playwriting, SS-L primarily focuses her/their research and creativity on subjects within and around Black Aesthetics, The Black Arts Movement (particularly focusing on leading figure Amiri Baraka), and lynching. The Black Theatre Network, Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, and Routledge have published her/their writing.


Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan

Brooke Trapp

Brooke Trapp recently earned a Doctor of Musical Arts in piano pedagogy at TTU and is thrilled to continue her work at the UWC this year! Brooke has been a writing consultant for around 4 years now and enjoys the chance to step outside of music and help students learn strategies to gain more confidence in their writing! Outside of consultanting, she is usually teaching or playing the piano but also loves watching Netflix, cooking new recipes, drinking coffee, and hanging out with her cats.
Brooke Trapp