Texas Tech University

Graduate Certificate Programs -Fibers and Biopolymers

Provides professionals an opportunity to understand the meaning and complexity of cotton production and processing and its impact on industrial cotton products.

Graduate advisor for graduate certificate program: Dr. Eric Hequet

Required courses and electives. Students must select a minimum of 12 hours from the following:

Number Title Frequency of Offering Prerequisite Taught by Distance
PSS 5371 Structure and Functionalization of Cotton Fibers 18 month rotation None Yes
PSS 5376 Adv Studies in Cotton Fibers 18 month rotation None Yes
PSS 5373 Biopolymers and Bioproducts 18 month rotation None Yes
PSS 5370 U.S. and Global Cotton Fiber-Textiles Industries Annually None No
PSS 5378 Economics of Cotton as an Industrial Raw Material 18 month rotation Biennially No

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