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Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Science with a concentration in Horticulture at a distance


  The Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Science, horticulture degree program at a distance is designed specifically to meet the needs of today's working professional. Horticulture is the art and science of cultivating edible plants (fruits, nuts, and vegetables) and ornamental plants (annual and perennial flowers and woody plants).

  Today's horticulture students focus on the challenges and practices of genetics and breeding, propagation, biotechnology, production, management, handling and storage, marketing, and utilization of ornamental plants in both the interior and exterior landscape.

  This degree program requires a minimum of 120 semester hours of undergraduate coursework. While students take the majority of their coursework on-line from Texas Tech University, they may be required to take a course, such as Introductory Chemistry, from another institution or a local community college. Credits from other institutions can be evaluated for potential transfer, however, the last 30 hours of the degree must be completed through Texas Tech University, either at a distance or on-campus.
Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Science Degree Plan Requirements


Consider the benefits of Texas Tech University's Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Science with a concentration in Horticulture Degree Completion Program @ a distance!
  • Educational goals can be pursued without sacrificing personal or professional commitments.
  • Student support services are designed to meet the needs of distance learning students.
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