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Local Food and Wine Production Systems

The local food movement is a rapidly growing area of professional expertise. Urban greenhouses and small-scale farms are surfacing all over the nation serving local communities, restaurants and high-end grocery stores.

Local Food and Wine Production Systems

Texas Tech offers educational programs to fit a variety of student objectives. For those seeking a comprehensive university education, we offer a Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Science with a concentration in Local Food and Wine Production Systems. This degree specialization will bring you to the forefront of the farm-to-table movement, where you will learn about sustainable production of fruits and vegetables, crop water and nutrient management, pest control, organic crop production, urban and controlled environment crop production and many more subjects relevant to local food production.

Students with a deeper interest in research and the scientific aspects of fruit and vegetable production can pursue a Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy degree in Plant and Soil Science. A Professional certificate program in Small-Scale Farming is currently under development. It will award continuing education units and is intended for non-traditional students seeking to develop additional job skills, advance their careers, or make a career change.

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