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Charles West, Ph.D.

Thornton Distinguished Chair
Plant and Soil Science

Email: chuck.west@ttu.edu

Phone: (806) 834-4160

Department of Plant and Soil Science 

Texas Tech University
Food Technology Building, Room 101
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Charles West

Personal Information

Dr. Chuck West occupies the Thornton Distinguished Chair in Plant and Soil Science, with specialization in forage systems research. He came to Texas Tech after 28 years on the faculty of the University of Arkansas where he was Professor of Forage Ecophysiology. Dr. West teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the management, ecology, and research techniques of forage crops and pastures. Dr. West provides administrative leadership of the Texas Alliance for Water Conservation, a consortium of agricultural producers, water districts, government agencies, and researchers to refine and transfer irrigation technology to make efficient use of water supplies. He is also director of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Water Center.


Dr. West has researched a wide variety of topics including tall fescue toxicosis, phosphorus runoff from pastures, drought and pest resistance in tall fescue, beef cattle production on pastures, and simulation modeling of switchgrass growth as a biofuel crop. Current research concentrates on quantifying the water use of forage crops and pastures as affected by grazing management in an effort to improve forage utilization by cattle and to make most efficient use of limited water supplies to sustain profitable agriculture in the region.



  • PSS 3321 - Forages & Pasture Crops. Classroom and Distance sections
  • PSS 5327 - Advanced Forage Science
  • PSS 5328 - Forages and Livestock in Pasture Ecosystem. Classroom and Distance sections


The Texas Coalition for Sustainable Integrated Systems Research Program (TeCSIS)

The Texas Alliance for Water Conservation (TAWC)