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Thayne Montague, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Horticulture with a joint appointment with Texas AgriLife Research; PSS Associate Chair of Undergraduate Programs

Email: thayne.montague@ttu.edu

Phone: (806) 834-7311

Department of Plant and Soil Science 

Texas Tech University
Bayer Plant Science Building, Room 103
2911 15th Street
Mail Stop 2122 
Lubbock, TX 79409-2122
Thayne Montague

Personal Information

Dr. Thayne Montague received his B.S. degree in Ornamental Horticulture from Brigham Young University in 1990 and his M.S. degree in Ornamental Horticulture from Auburn University in 1993. Dr. Montague received his Ph.D. in Plant Sciences from Utah State University in December of 1998 and joined the Texas Tech University Department of Plant and Soil Science in March of 1999 as an Assistant Professor of Horticulture. Dr. Montague was promoted to Associate Professor in 2005, and currently has a joint appointment with Texas Tech University, and the Texas A&M Agrilife Research Center in Lubbock, TX.

Research Interests

Dr. Montague's teaching responsibilities (Texas Tech University) are in horticulture and plant physiology. He has taught / is currently teaching the following courses: Principles of Horticulture, Plant Propagation, Arboriculture, Woody Landscape Plant Identification, Crop Physiology, Viticulture I, and RaiderReady (Texas Tech University Freshman Seminar). Dr. Montague's research responsibilities at Texas Tech and Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center are focused on physiology, plant/microclimate interactions, and drought tolerance of woody ornamental plants, grapevines, and other fruit crops. Dr. Montague has published numerous research articles in the areas of woody plant physiology, landscape water use, plant/microclimate interactions, water efficient landscapes, nursery production, plant propagation, and viticulture.



  • IS 1100 - Raider Ready
  • PSS 1411 - Principles of Horticulture
  • PSS 2312 - Plant Propagation
  • PSS 3310 - Viticulture
  • PSS 3318 - Woody Plant Identification

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