Texas Tech University

Happy Fall Semester, Texas Tech!


We hope everyone had a smooth and easy go of move-in weekend and that you're settling in well to campus life.


We have 3 tips for you for a successful fall semester:

1.GO TO CLASS!  We know, the freedom to sleep and play Fortnite all day is pretty powerful, but you're paying a lot of money to be here! The best place to learn about what's expected in (and to pass) a class is IN THAT CLASS.

2. Put away your phone and be aware of the world around you, especially when you're crossing the street on campus. Cars are heavy and powered by explosions. Watch out for them.

3. Take a few minutes every day to take a few deep breaths, de-stress, and enjoy our gorgeous campus. If you haven't been at Texas Tech in the fall, hold on. It's really something special. If you need a place to enjoy some nature, come take a load off in the garden. We're always here for you and would love to meet you!
We wish you all the happiness and success in the world as your start this Fall 2018 semester! Always be your best and Strive for Honor!

Vikram Baliga
University Greenhouse and Gardens Manager