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Research Highlight: Noureddine Abidi

Research Focus

Dr. Abidi's research has focused on diverse range of topics related to polymers and materials science. He holds a PhD. in Theoretical, Physical, and Analytical Chemistry. Abidi's research activities are now focused on the structure and functionalization of biopolymers with special emphasis on cotton and the transformation of biopolymers to bioproducts. Using an integrated approach based on physical and analytical chemistry (FTIR microspectroscopy, TGA, HPLC, etc...), Dr. Abidi investigates the cellulose structure and deposition during cotton fiber development. He also researches ways to improve the functionality of cotton fibers and textiles, by altering their surface properties (using plasma, molecular vapor deposition, and sol-gel process).

Importance of Graduate Students

For Dr. Abidi, graduate students are the pillar of the research activities. Dr. Abidi believes that when students are seriously involved in various research projects, they can develop their professional career, while learning research methodologies, critical thinking, and problem-solving using their technical and analytical skills.

Research Future

Dr Abidi will continue his research efforts to further the understanding of plant-based biopolymers with special emphasis on cotton. Because cotton is the purest form of cellulose found in nature, it can serve as useful models for other plant-based biopolymers. As our nation moves toward a bio-based economy, a greater understanding of the properties and functionality of plant-based biopolymers will be critical.

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