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Research Highlight: Peter Dotray

Research Focus

Dr. Peter Dotray's research focus is using an integrated approach to address weed science issues on the Texas Southern High Plains and beyond. Dotray is working towards the management of weeds in agronomic crops such as cotton, peanut, sunflower, sorghum, corn, guar, and sesame. His research addresses "real" issues at the grower level. "Research allows me to disseminate current information to our growers and students, and in turn our growers and students help develop research ideas," he says.


Importance of Graduate Students


Dr. Dotray's graduate students have their own projects but are required to get involved in other graduate student and general projects as well. Commenting on the satisfaction of teaching students through research, Dotray says "It is bringing in a new student, going through the scientific method, learning critical thinking, and then turning them loose. They must learn at Texas Tech with the ability to think critically and solve problems.


Research Future


Hot topics for the future include reduced tillage, weed specifics, new herbicide modes-of-action, and the development of herbicide resistant weeds. "With current technology, weed resistance is becoming more an important issue...it is necessary to be proactive in developing a "systems" approach to control weeds," says Dotray. Dr. Dotray continues to investigate economically sound and profitable week management programs for the Texas Southern High Plains.


Peter Dotray, Ph.D.Rockwell Chair of Weed Science - Joint Appointment with Texas A&M Agrilife Research & Extension Service; PSS Outreach Program Leader 

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Peter Dotray