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Herbaceous Plant Resources

Welcome to the herbaceous branch of Texas Tech University Plant Resources!

Chrysanthemum x morifolium

This database serves as a reference for selecting, identifying, and learning about herbaceous plants that are well-suited or commonly grown in the West Texas Panhandle. Each plant has its own information page and photos, and there are a few different ways to view them:


Herbaceous Plant Directory

Want to search for a plant by name or category, or simply view a comprehensive list of the plants? Check out the plant directory first.


Image Gallery

Looking to identify a flower or plant visually?  Try the image gallery for a visual collection of the database.


Plant Location Map

Want to see these plants on the TTU campus or in the Lubbock community?  Our interactive plant location map can help you find examples in person.


Asplenium nidus

Additional Resources

In addition to the plant database, we also have: