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PSS Research Facilities: Horticultural Gardens and Greenhouse Complex


The Texas Tech University Gardens and Greenhouse Complex is located just north of the United Spirit Arena. This facility provides teaching, research and engagement opportunities for the Department of Plant and Soil Science faculty and students as well as the local community.

The University Greenhouse Range
  Greenhouse construction was initiated in 1973 and the complex currently consisting of eight glass and aluminum National Greenhouses, a steam drying facility and a plant laboratory with 7 growth chambers, an autoclave, a growth room, and standard laboratory equipment. We also have two classrooms outfitted with LCD projectors, internet access and document cameras to assist us in supporting the over 1000 students that pass through classes held at the greenhouse each year.
  The greenhouse complex has 4 research houses with high intensity lighting and automated temperature control to support the estimated $3,000,000 of research conducted for federal, state and private grants each year. In addition, the three teaching compartments house an interior foliage collection along with plant production facilities to support the laboratory experiences of our students.

Horticultural Gardens
  The first plantings for the Horticultural Gardens were made in 1982. Since that time, the gardens have expanded to include a variety of garden rooms including collections of annuals, perennials, shrubs, ornamental grasses, a xeriscape, two rock gardens and a small arboretum. Each of these areas provides a rich demonstration area for screening new plant materials for use in semiarid landscapes as well as serving as an outdoor classroom for plant material classes conducted by the Department of Plant and Soil Science. The Gardens also include a demonstration vineyard, rose collection and paving materials demonstration area. The grounds and gardens are open from dawn until dusk. Feel free to enjoy a quick lunch on one of the benches or a stroll along the garden's lush paths.

Contact Information:
Jennifer Simek, Unit Coordinator/Greenhouse Manager

3340 Main Street
Lubbock, TX 79404
Phone: (806) 742-2856

The Texas Tech University Gardens and Greenhouse Complex is located on the corner of Hartford and Main St., just north of the United Spirit Arena.

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