Texas Tech University

Choose a Career in Plant & Soil Science!


A degree in Plant and Soil Science doesn't just get you a degree, but an opportunity to advance your career aspirations! Emerging Global issues will forever weigh heavy on our responsibility as agriculturists. Poverty, health awareness, water availability, sustainable crops, and the environment constantly create issues that need to be addressed and we have the degrees to get you there. We are looking for individuals that are dedicated to making a difference, not just locally but globally.

Potential Plant & Soil Science Careers

  • Agricultural Climatologist
  • Golf Course Superintendent
  •  Agricultural Production Consultant
  •  Research Assistant
  •  Biotechnology Technician
  •  Seed Analyst
  •  Fertilizer and Soil Fertility Consultant
  •  Environmental Consulting
  •  Crop Consultant
  •  Soil Classifier
  •  Pest Control
  •  Vineyard Manager
  •  Soil, Plant and Water Testing
  •  Health Assessment
  •  Environmental Scientist
  •  Plant Ecologist
  •  Agronomist
  •  Horticultural Plant Breeder 
  •  Crop Protection Specialist
  •  Turfgrass Specialist
  •  Enologist
  •  Crop Production Specialist
  •  Chemical Sales Representative
  •  Parks and Recreation Management
  •  Extension Agent
  •  Wholesale Growers
  •  Greenhouse Manager
  •  Landscape and Lawn Maintenance   
  •  Land Use Consultant
  •  Urban Horticulture
  •  Soil and Water Conservationist
  •  Golf and Sports Turf Maintenance
  •  Genetic Engineer

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