Texas Tech University

Diversity Art Fair 2016

The Department of Psychological Sciences recognizes that our University, our community, and our society are increasingly diverse. In recognition of that, the Department is committed to recruiting, educating, and retaining undergraduate and graduate students, and training them to work and function in an increasingly multicultural society. The Department of Psychological Sciences values the diversity of students, faculty, and staff and the inclusion of diversity-related content in teaching, research, advocacy, and service. The department is committed to providing a welcoming and accepting learning, training, and working environment for students, faculty, and staff that is inclusive of people from diverse backgrounds with an emphasis on civility and respect for all people. The Department values the idea that learning can be enhanced by having students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences interact and work together toward a common set of educational and training goals.

In an effort to raise awareness and promote diversity, the Department of Psychological Sciences fully supports the efforts of the Diversity Enhancement Committee. See the Programming page for specific initiatives.