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Michael J. Serra, Ph.D.

Associate Professor; Experimental Program Director
Experimental (Cognitive)

Email: michael.serra@ttu.edu

Phone: (806) 834-5134

Office: 319, Lab: 209A-H

Post-Doc, Jan 2007-June 2008, Columbia University (Metacognition)
Ph.D., 2007, Kent State University (Cognitive Psychology)
M.A., 2004, University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Cognitive Psychology)
B.A., 2002, Hofstra University (Major: Psychology, Minor: Chemistry)

Serra, Michael


In general, my research centers on how students learn and how they study. It can be broken down into two main categories: education-related metacognition (i.e., thinking about and evaluating one's cognitive processes such as memory and reading comprehension) and multimedia learning (i.e., learning from information presented both verbally and visually). I conduct basic research in these domains (i.e., How do people learn? How do they judge their learning?), but I also conduct some applied research and my basic research can easily be applied to actual learning situations (i.e., How can we make learning processes and study behaviors more effective?). As such, this body of work has the potential to not only help us to understand basic cognitive functioning, but also can allow us to better design instructional learning materials and identify ways to improve students' learning and the efficacy of their study behaviors. Click here to view my CV.

If you are interested in working in my lab as either a graduate or undergraduate research assistant, please email me for more information. You can read more about my research on my lab website.

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Graduate Courses:

  • Seminar in Metacognition (PSY 5358)
  • Seminar in Teaching of Psychology (PSY 5101)

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Cognitive Psychology (PSY 4324)
  • Research Methods (PSY 3401)
  • General Psychology (Supervisor)

Select Services

  • Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition; Journal of Experimental Psychology: General; Psychonomic Bulletin & Review; Cognition; Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied; Memory; Journal of Educational Psychology; Memory & Cognition; Journal of Memory and Language; Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology; Discourse Processes; Experimental Aging Research; European Journal of Cognitive Psychology; Human Factors; Journal of Experimental Child Psychology; Israel Science Foundation (ISF) grants; SWPA Conference Abstracts; McGraw-Hill Textbooks; Norton Textbooks; Sinauer Textbooks; Worth Textbooks
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies, Chair of Undergraduate Program Committee, & General Psychology (PSY 1300) Course Supervisor, Texas Tech Department of Psychological Sciences
  • Cognitive Area Coordinator, Texas Tech Department of Psychological Sciences
  • Principle Reviewer, Journal of Educational Psychology
  • Full-time Faculty Representative, Provost's Task force on Student Success and Retention, Texas Tech University
  • Member, Texas Tech University Teaching Academy & Teaching Academy New-Member Selection Committee, Texas Tech University
  • MPA Local Representative for Texas Tech, Midwestern Psychological Association

Professional Memberships

  • APA Division 15, Educational Psychology
  • Association for Psychological Science (APS)
  • International Association for Metacognition (IAM)
  • Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA) – MPA Local Representative
  • Psi Chi National Honor Society
  • Psychonomic Society – Fellow
  • Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology (SSPP)
  • Texas Tech University Teaching Academy

Psychological Sciences

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    Texas Tech University, Department of Psychological Sciences, Box 42051 Lubbock, TX 79409-2051