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A Sample of the NRHC Firearms Collection

Over the years, some of the most popular exhibits at the NRHC have been those related to firearms and other weapons related to the American West. Past exhibits often focused on one type of firearms or firearms from a specific donor. This exhibit features a selection of different types of firearms from a variety of donors. This exhibit is located in the Joe Flores Family Gallery and closes on September 22, 2012.

This exhibit spans various firearms technologies ranging from the matchlock all the way to contemporary firearms. These technologies have been part of the frontier experience at one time or another.

The firearms in the exhibit also represent a variety of styles, craftsmanship and time periods. Some of the firearms are historically significant and are tied to notable events or people.

Many of the weapons are the product of skilled craftsmen and represent some of the finest examples of the gunmaker's art. Visitors will be able to see a well-rounded collection of firearms ranging from small pistols to muskets measuring over four feet in length.

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