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Paul Milosevich

Paul Milsoevich is an accomplished artist, some say one of the best at portrait painting. He enjoys portraits because of the time that goes into creating one. "A painted portrait takes hours to do. And if it's done from the person actually sitting there, it's three to 10 hours of the artists life that was spent creating that portrait. Add the physical properties of paint, plus everything that the artist brings into it, and also what kind of responses the subject triggered in the artist. Sometimes you can look at a painted portrait and sense the hours that went by."

Paul attended school at El Camino Junior College in California, where he was on the golf team and took his first drawing class. He later earned art degrees in 1963 and 1965 from Long Beach State in California. He taught at Odessa College and Texas Tech University before giving up his day job and devoting all his time and energies to painting.

Paul now resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife, Patsie Ross. He was the Hands-down favorite for an artist to create portraits of people special to the NRHC museum. This exhibit features portraits of some of the people who have guided and shaped the NRHC.

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