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Honoring People Who Shaped teh West

The National Ranching Heritage Center hosts an exhibit that honors several key people who helped to shape the modern West.August 11, 2012 to January 27, 2013. Featured in the exhibit are explorers, inventors, scientists and groundbreakers in various fields plus chroniclers and painters who recorded life at the time. The exhibit and an accompanying 80-page book were funded by a generous grant from the Helen Jones Foundation Inc. “I appreciate Foundation President and Executive Director James Arnold’s commitment to education of students and adults, especially in the study of American history,” said Jim Pfluger, exhibit curator and executive director of the NRHC.

The people included in the exhibit are by no means the only Western visionaries, and there are many unsung heroes whose dreams, toils and sacrifices were made quietly but with lasting effects, Pfluger said. Joining him in the selection of the men and women featured in the exhibition and book were several contributing authors and historians—Drs. Don Abbe, Len Ainsworth, Paul Carlson and Robert W. Tidwell, all from Lubbock, plus Billy Bergin, DVM, of Hawaii; Byron Price of Norman, Okla.; and RG de Stolfe of Colorado Springs, Colo.

“Western Visionaries and Unsung Heroes” as an exhibit features panels including photographic images of the visionaries plus maps and pictures or artifacts of what he or she was known for. Pertinent information is presented for viewers of both the real and the virtual exhibits on the NRHC’s website. Music reflective of the cowboy’s early years as trail herders accompanies the exhibit. The book, produced by Hartsfield Design and Craftsman Printers in Lubbock, contains additional photos and in-depth biographical information about the people featured in the exhibit.

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