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Ranch Record

This award-winning magazine is published quarterly and distributed to members of the Ranching Heritage Association, a non-profit member organization that supports NRHC programs.  To receive this magazine, you can join the RHA with an individual membership of just $45.


The NRHC has produced several books over the years and many are still available for sale. Read More.

Rangeland Issues

Rangeland Issues is an official publication of the National Ranching Heritage Center in partnership with the Texas Tech University College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. In addition to its mission to preserve and interpret the history of ranching, the NRHC also has a mission to address contemporary ranching issues. Through periodic publication of Rangeland Issues, the center and agricultural scientists from Texas Tech have addressed such important issues as restocking after a drought, managing heat stress in cattle, controlling noxious brush and weeds, and managing the decline in bobwhite populations.


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