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The Rawls College of Business Center for Global Engagement is the starting point for your study abroad process as a business student. Your advisor in this office will help you pick your program, ensure that your classes will work for your degree, and guide you to get the most out of your study abroad as a business student. We are located in the Rawls College of Business room 145.

The Texas Tech Study Abroad Office is the University office for study abroad. The advisor within this office will help you through the Texas Tech University required paperwork for studying abroad, approve non-business classes for you to take abroad, offer visa and passport support, and provide pre-departure orientations. This office is located within the International Cultural Center at Indiana and 4th Street.

Both the CGE and the TTU Study Abroad offices will be communicating with you and helping you throughout your study abroad process. You will have separate requirements, deadlines, paperwork, and meetings from each office.

Want to study abroad? Here is your first step.

  • Attend a Rawls CGE First Step Session. TIP: Bring a notepad to write down programs of interest and questions you may have for a CGE advisor. RSVP to a First Step Session

How to Apply - Faculty-Led Program

  1. Attend a Rawls CGE First Step Session. TIP: Bring a note pad to write down programs of interest and questions you may have for a CGE advisor.
  2. Explore options and narrow down the right program for you. If you are still unsure, feel free to schedule an appointment with a CGE advisor to discuss program options in further detail.
  3. Start your study abroad application

How to Apply - Affiliate/Exchange

  • Attend a Rawls CGE First Step Session. TIP: Bring a notepad to write down programs of interest and queations you may have for a CGE advisor.
  • Search for a program on the TTU Study Abroad website.

  • Schedule an appointment with a CGE Advisor. Please narrow down your top 3-5 program/location options prior to your advising appointment. 

  • Start your study abroad application.

  • Schedule an appointment with your TTU Study Abroad Advisor at the ICC. Work with CGE and TTU Study Abroad advisors to complete program provider application.

Congratulations! You've been accepted. Here are the next things you should do (1 semester prior to study abroad experience) 

  • Commit to program by deadline. By committing to a program, the student is responsible for ALL program costs and deposits (CGE fees, program fees, etc.) even if they withdraw at a later date. TIP: If you have any questions about committing and what it means, please talk to your CGE advisor BEFORE committing to the program.
  • Complete the Health Forms packet (found in your online application) by deadline given. TIP: Don't wait till the last minute to complete this! The forms are free to complete at the Student Wellness Center [SWC], but they do fill up fast. If the SWC is full, you will have to complete the forms through another facility and pay for the service.
  • Begin looking for email confirmation to purchase your flight. Once your flight is purchased, submit your itinerary to your TTU Study Abroad application. You've heard this a lot by now, but DO NOT purchase your flight or book any personal travel until instructed to do so by your CGE advisor or program provider. TIP: Try to book flights with layovers longer than 2 hours. This gives your bags more time to get to your connecting flight and gives you more time in case of a delay.
  • Begin familiarizing yourself with the culture of your host country. This should include language, customs, food, and things to do in your new surroundings. TIP: Want to make the most of your free time abroad? Make a bucket list of the places you most want to visit and don't forget to start a "study abroad budget" Check with friends on the program to see if they have similar places of interest. Also, remember to be flexible. You plans may need to change for unexpected events.
  • If you take any medication, make sure have enough to last the duration of your program. Many drugs legal in the USA are not available in other countries. Make sure all medicine stays in it's original prescription container with your name on it. TIP: Contact your doctor in advance to make sure there will be no issues getting the medicine you need for the duration of your program. Sometimes this can take longer if your health insurance needs to be involved.
  • Make sure to notify any banks or credit card companies you intend on using abroad. Let them know your travel dates and locations. TIP: Try to use credit cards with no international transaction fees. Also, check with your bank on their international ATM fees. Sometimes they may wave a few if you ask.
  • Make sure to buy any textbooks or required supplies for your program. Your professor should notify you what is required and if it is available in your host country after the Send-Off Seminar. TIP: Buy materials found only at TTU before the semester ends. Some materials are specific to TTU and can only be purchased around campus.
  • Make a packing list so you don't forget anything you need. Trust us, pack as light as you can. You will want to bring stuff home from your trip. Pack only what you can carry and remember to bring a backpack for weekend travel. TIP: We have a Pinterest account with tons of resources on packing for different locations. There's even photo tip boards to help you get the best, most social media worthy photos guaranteed to make all your friends jealous.
  • Pack your carry-on bag. Include passport, airline ticket, emergency contact information, address and telephone numbers of destination contacts, change of clothes, toothpaste and brush, local currency and anything else you may need the first few days. TIP: It sucks, but luggage gets lost sometimes. If you have some extra room in your carry-on, pack a few additional outfits. This will save you from having to buy new clothes (or wear the same ones) until your luggage arrives.

Ready. Set. Go Abroad! here are things you need to do while abroad

  • Make sure to arrive to the airport 2-3 hours before your flight leaves. Email, text or call your program provider, instructor or the CGE if you experience a major delay. Call your loved ones when you get there; It's the right thing to do. TIP: Have enough local currency on hand to use for transportation to program location, even if transportation is provided.
  • Contact your CGE advisor immediately if you need to change a course that was previously approved for you. TIP: don't wait to do this or you may risk not getting credit for the new course.
  • If you are studying for a full semester, make sure to register for your TTU courses for the following term. TIP: Confirm your registration window prior to leaving and set a reminder. Attend mandatory TTU Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation.
  • Keep a journal or blog. This will help you remember events to discuss in future interviews with employers and graduate schools.
  • Did it really happen without proof?!?! Take LOTS of photos and submit some to our annual CGE Photo Contest. TIP: The CGE is all over social media and loves it when our students take over. Email Ashley Moncrief for more details on taking over our social media pages.

You're back at the Rawls. Here's how you can make the most of your experience

  • Upon your return to campus, schedule a meeting with the CGE to work on adding your study abroad experience to your resume. TIP: Want to meet others who have studied abroad? Can't stop talking about the experience? Join our service group The Rawls Diplomats!
  • For semester long program participants, make sure to obtain an official transcript from your host institution. If you have any trouble doing so, please let the CGE know. We will help you.