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Faculty Led Programs

Faculty Led Programs

Are you looking to take courses abroad with other students from Rawls? Our faculty-led experiences are taught by Rawls faculty and allow students to take short-term courses alongside other Rawls students. Grades for these courses are factored directly into your TTU GPA. Students pay Texas Tech tuition plus an additional program fee to cover housing accommodations, excursions, professor expenses, etc. Students are also responsible for airfare and personal expenses such as food, shopping, passport/visa, etc.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Students can choose to participate in one of three study abroad program types. Each program type has a different payment process. Read the full Texas Tech Study Abroad Payment guide.

Once accepted to a program, students must officially notify the Study Abroad Office, IN WRITING OR BY EMAIL, if they wish to withdraw. It is NOT SUFFICIENT to withdraw an application on-line, or to fail to complete requirements. Students must also notify the program provider, host institution, or faculty program leader as appropriate. Students who withdraw from a study abroad program and do not return to Texas Tech for that term should contact the Registrar's Office to understand how their enrollment at Texas Tech may be affected. Read the full Texas Tech Study Abroad Cancellation Policy.

Application Deadlines

Intersession, Spring 2019: October 5

Maymester, Summer, and Fall 2019, and
Academic Year 2019-2020 Programs: March 1

Faculty-Led Program Application Steps

  1. Attend a Rawls CGE First Step Session (held every Monday and Tuesday @ 2:00pm via Zoom)
  2. Schedule a Zoom appointment with a CGE Advisor if you are unsure of what program to choose (appointments.ttu.edu).
  3. Group Advising Session: RSVP to a Group Advising Session if you know what program is perfect for you.
  4. Explore options and narrow down the right program for you.
  5. Work with your CGE Advisor to fill out applicable applications. For those applying to a Rawls Faculty-led program, you must meet with a CGE advisor in order to begin a TTU Study Abroad online application.

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