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Online Course Review and Accessibility Evaluation

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The Rawls College of Business eLearning Center supports quality online course design and accessible online content.

In effort to assist faculty with their efforts, the eLearning Center strongly encourages faculty to submit their online courses for the following TTU eLearning and Academic Partnerships evaluations:

  • Online Course Review - This review surveys the instructional design of your course using the current adopted course rubric.
  • Accessibility Evaluation - eLearning accessibility services are available to help evaluate educational content to ensure a high level of accessibility. We will evaluate any course materials from documents to videos to websites. Most commonly, we evaluate full online courses according to our Online Course Accessibility Guidelines.

Once the submitting faculty member receives a course review or evaluation, the Rawls eLearning Center team members will collaborate with faculty to develop a process to correct findings and provide assistance to make the necessary corrections.

Requesting a course review or an accessibility evaluation is a quick process. Here's how to request them:

How to Request an Online Course Review

Email elearning.id@ttu.edu the following:

  • Email subject: Online Course Review Request
  • Course title as it appears in your Blackboard Course List module
    Example: Fall 2019 TTU – Introduction to Business Administration (BA-1301-D01)

How to Request an Accessibility Evaluation

Meet with an Instructional Designer

After receiving results, request a meeting with an Instructional Designer.

Request a Meeting