Texas Tech University

Assessment, Feedback and Coaching

The Institute for Leadership Research has a program designed to engage executives in exploring new learning and development techniques. These programs will contribute to both the executive's and the organization's growth. Some of the benefits include:

  • A focus on learning by design
  • Personal satisfaction, a key contribution to employee commitment
  • Improved interpersonal skills and management processes
  • Organizational growth through effective modeling and leadership


We use a series of validated, web-based assessment tools that will contribute to employee insight about their personality and behaviors. These instruments collectively allow the candidate to identify preferences and development needs from an internal and external perspective. Instruments include:

  • Normative Personality Assessment – can be compared across individuals
  • Ipsative Personality Assessment – insight into an individual's preferred behavior
  • Engagement Survey – engagement and commitment in the job/work and organization
  • 360 Instrument – examine eleven leadership and management competencies with an opportunity to compare their self-perceptions with the perceptions of those around them


Employees review the results of the assessments, use workbooks designed to highlight significant findings, and then, with one of our experienced coaches, they will explore how these elements contribute to decision making, collaboration, innovation and change.


Our trained coaches will assist the candidate with techniques to identify barriers, construct approaches to overcome the constraints and build a program leading to effective leadership.