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Communication Workshops

Spring 2020

Business communication workshops focus on an array of topics to help students learn, discuss, and practice key communication skills that they can expect to use during their careers. Many workshops center around skills that employment recruiters have identified as core competencies for interns or new employees. Business communication workshops are free for students to attend and are held at the Snyder Center for Business Communication (RCOBA 139).

Business Communication Fundamentals

These workshops explore the foundations of communicating in the business world. Many of these aspects can also apply to your communications with your instructors.

Understanding Business Style and Tone | February 5 - February 6

Analyzing Business Audiences | February 12 - February 13

Professional Communication Beyond Writing

This workshop series takes a look at the different ways beyond writing that we communicate professionally. We'll explore topics including how we dress for an array of professional settings, how we keep our social media interactions professional, and how we can be more active listeners.

Using Clothing to Communicate Professionally | February 19 - February 20

Maintaining Professionalism Across Social Media | February 26 - February 27

Becoming an Active Listener | March 4 - March 5

Crafting Persuasive Messages

Most of the messages we'll create as professionals will have some element of persuasiveness to them. In this series, we'll discuss what to consider when persuading an audience, how to make a persuasive presentation, and how to convert a written report into a presentation.

Persuading an Audience to Achieve Your Goals | March 11 - March 12

Creating Strong Business Presentations | March 25 – March 26

Converting a Written Report into a Presentation | April 1 – April 2

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