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Business communication workshops focus on an array of topics to help students learn, discuss, and practice key communication skills that they can expect to use during their careers. Many workshops center on skills that employment recruiters have identified as core competencies for interns or new employees.

  • Business communication workshops are free for students to attend.
  • Workshops will last 40-50 minutes.
  • All Spring 2021 workshops will be held virtually via Zoom. To receive the Zoom link, be sure to click on the workshop link below to register for that workshop.
  • All Spring 2021 workshops will be held on Wednesdays and Thursdays and will begin at 3 PM Central Time.
  • If you are interested in a workshop topic but cannot attend a workshop due to scheduling conflicts, please email Rawls_SnyderCBC@ttu.edu to discuss setting up an individual workshop.

Spring 2021 Communication Workshops

Mastering Business Style and Tone

Learn the key principles of business style and tone and explore how business communication differs from academic writing. Style and tone build the foundation of effective business messages.

February 10
March 10

February 11
March 11


Writing Professional Emails

Discuss professional email expectations and how we can ensure our messages are read quickly and taken seriously. These concepts can also be applied within an academic setting when emailing instructors or advisors.

February 17
March 17

February 18
March 18


Persuading an Audience to Achieve Your Goals

Explore strategic methods of persuasion and how to best utilize them in your future communications. We'll also discuss why most business messages have an element of persuasion to them.

February 24
March 24

February 25
March 25


Writing Effective Personal Statements or Application Essays

Learn how to write a personal statement or essay that persuades an audience to select you from the applicant pool. Many of these concepts could also apply to cover letters for jobs!

March 3
March 31

March 4
April 1


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