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Communication Workshops

Fall 2019

Business communication workshops focus on an array of topics to help students learn, discuss, and practice key communication skills that they can expect to use during their careers. Many workshops center around skills that employment recruiters have identified as core competencies for interns or new employees. Business communication workshops are free for students to attend and are held at the Snyder Center for Business Communication (RCOBA 139).

Navigating the Day-to-Day

This workshop series explores some of the foundations of communicating in the business world. Many of these aspects can also apply to your communications with your instructors.

Understanding Business Style and Audience | September 3 - September 5

What Makes An Email Professional | September 10 - September 12

The Value of Thank You Messages | September 17 - September 19

Crafting Purposeful Business Communication

This workshop series looks at ways our communication can impact our audience. From which words we decide to include to the formatting of our documents, we'll discuss how to get the most out of your communications.

Conciseness: Say More with Fewer Words | September 24 – September 26

Empowering Your Language | October 1 – October 3

Persuade an Audience, Achieve Your Goals | October 8 – October 10

C.R.A.P.-y Design, Beautiful Design Principles | October 22 – October 24

Strengthening Oral Communication

Oral communication is as equal to the business world as written communication. This series will focus on what it means to be an active listener and how to make strong and impactful presentations.

Become an Active Listener | October 29 – October 31

Creating Strong Business Presentations | November 5 – November 7

Converting a Report into a Presentation | November 12 – November 14

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