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Service Learning Projects

The Scovell Business Leadership Program provides opportunities for students to engage in various service learning projects and gain real-world knowledge from industry professionals. Students apply the knowledge gained and skills learned at Rawls College in a real-world setting through faculty-led service learning projects. These projects require students to lead by example in converting theory into practice to achieve results.

2016 Projects

Client: Paul's Project

Description: Identify two optimal ways for Grace Campus to provide unemployed residents with a way to generate personal income which will help them move out of the cycle of homelessness, along with a detailed description of funding the start-up for this opportunity and a step-by-step model on how to get city leaders to partner in this endeavor

Client: Susan G. Komen

Description: Create a robust Team Fundraising program to increase by 10% the amount that 2016 Race for the Cure teams raise. Importance of Project- Participation in Race for the Cure events all over the nation- including Lubbock- are down. We must shift the focus of our Race form an event to a fund-raising event. Participant registration fees allow us to help a few people access screening, treatment, and support, but the real difference in local work and research happens with fundraising dollars.

Client: YWCA

Description: Evaluate and research rental/program fee's to make them competitive with the Lubbock community as well as assist with the overall development of our budget for the Sun N Fun facility that will open in May 2016.

Client: High Point Village

Description: High Point Village hosts 3 summer camps annually, one elementary-aged and two secondary and older. Summer camps are centered on a general theme and incorporate educational and social games and incorporate educational and social games and activities. Each camp is half a day, for four days a week. Our elementary camp had 7 students last year, and our secondary camps had 32 students. The Science Spectrum brought an animal demonstration for one morning of camp. We hosted the camp with 7 staff members and 8 volunteers. Although each camp has always been fun and engaging we have struggles with low attendance, low community involvement, and we have always struggled to find enough volunteers. This summer we would like to increase our camp enrollment from 7 to 20 and 32 to 50 students. We would like to partner, in any way possible, with 10 businesses throughout the three weeks of camp.

Client: John Montford Correctional Managed Health Care Unit

Description: Assist with the development of creative concepts and marketing strategies for promoting the work of TTUHSC CMHC and securing services, support, and/or donations from past and first-time donors. Assist in developing and implementing strategies aimed at increasing awareness about mental health, raising support, and supporting cause-marketing partnerships.

And if time permits: Assist with brainstorming, creating, and distributing marketing materials. Develop content for promotional materials including direct mail pieces, print and electronic newsletters, web site and social media stories, medial releases, and other materials as needed.

2015 Projects

Travel Abroad: Chile and Brazil
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Client: Starnik


  1. Provide a strategy for an effective e-mail campaign to Starnik's sales team.
    1. Create an effective e-mail message for at least two industries that Starnik has a presence in.
    2. Create a methodology to analyze, measure performance and effectiveness of such an e-mail campaign.
  2. Provide suggestions in writing for improving Starnik's social media presence through Linkedin, FB, pay per click services and others.
  3. Design brochures (paper and electronic) for the two main industries that Starnik actively competes in.
  4. Design materials such as posters, give-aways and themes for Conference booths.
  5. May help design a new logo and tag line for Starnik.
  6. Improve www.starnik.com
  7. May recommend suitable candidates for a full-time position. Create a recruiting campaign at Texas Tech to attract developers and solutions analysts.

Client: Tech/Downtown Project

Description: The LEDA Strategic Plan includes a priority project focusing on Downtown as a destination for investment and employment. Since August of 2010, more than $39.5 Million has been invested in Downtown Lubbock.
LEDA intends to work with its partners to leverage this momentum, including the planned performing arts center and the success of the neighboring Overton District, to promote downtown as a destination for investment,
mixed-use development, and company headquarters and other office support operations.

Along with the momentum that has been building since 2010, there is an ample supply of office space in the Downtown area.
Office vacancy in the total Lubbock Market is at 6%. However, the vacancy rate in the Downtown area is more than doubled at 15% (Source: CoStar Property).

As part of its strategy to help revitalize downtown, LEDA intends to identify financial incentives that will make investments in downtown more attractive for developers, investors, residents and businesses.

We are asking the student leadership team at the Rawls College of Business to assist with the following:

  • Identify cities in the United States that have successfully revitalized their downtown areas.
  • Identify unique, creative and impactful incentive packages used by these cities to help bring new investments to the downtown.
  • Recommend incentive programs that Lubbock can use to attract developers, investors, residents and businesses to invest in its Downtown efforts.

Client: FC Dallas 

Description: FC Dallas WTX, the premier soccer club in West Texas, request the development of a comprehensive proposal outlining the business value proposition of a partnership between the following entities: FC Dallas WTX, Texas Tech University's recreation department, the Red Raider's Soccer program at Texas Tech University, and the City of Lubbock. The project has two specific goals. First, FC Dallas WTX needs to know whether the lease of soccer fields (currently under the management of Texas Tech University's recreation department) are a positive net present value project for all involved. Second, FC Dallas WTX needs to know how it can grow the synergies with the aforementioned parties. FC Dallas WTX requests a final proposal and presentation be made at the Texas Tech Club.

Client: Texas Tech Therapeutic Riding Center

Description: At the Texas Tech Therapeutic Riding Center, we offer therapeutic riding classes and hippotherapy sessions. Therapeutic riding classes provide the skills necessary to ride a horse while incorporating the rider's therapeutic goals. Hippotherapy is where a physical therapist, occupational therapist or speech language pathologist uses the horse to facilitate their therapy and achieve their individual goals.

What they are currently looking into is increasing the number of hippotherapy riders we see each week, while maintaining the same amount, if not more, of therapeutic riding lessons. There is a possibility that they may be able,at some point, to make the hippotherapy program profitable by billing insurance. THey would like to get a business plan done to determine whether or not this would be profitable for our program and if we should move forward. 

2014 Projects

Travel Abroad: Brazil
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Client: Texas Tech Club
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Client: X-Fab
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Client: TTUHSC Free Clinic
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