Texas Tech University

Lt. Gen. Wendy Masiello, USAF, Ret.

President | Wendy Mas Consulting, LLC | Alexandria, VA

Lt. Gen. Wendy M. Masiello graduated from the Rawls College with her B.B.A. in Marketing in 1980. She then went on to serve for 36 years in the United States Air Force (USAF).

While at Texas Tech, Wendy participated in Angel Flight, which was a service organization for Air Force ROTC. She was commissioned in December 1980 as a distinguished graduate of the ROTC program at Texas Tech. In 1984, she earned her M.S. in Logistics Management from the Air Force Institute of Technology and in 1999, she earned her M.S. in National Resource Strategy from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces at National Defense University. She also furthered her education through participation in programs such as the Harvard Kennedy School's Senior Managers in Government program.

She retired an Air Force three-star general from her position as the Director of the Defense Contract Management Agency in July 2017 and began her own consulting company that November. Although she is retired, Wendy remains active as a Fellow and Board member of the National Contract Management Association, serves on several senior advisory boards and councils, and was appointed to KBR Inc's Board of Directors, where she serves on the Audit and the Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Committees, and to EURPAC Services Board of Directors, where she serves on the Compensation Committee.

Wendy was recognized as a Texas Tech University Distinguished Alumna in 2017. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family, including her husband, Thomas, sons, Michael and Robert and her grandchildren.

Wendy Masiello