Texas Tech University

Events@Rawls Submission Tutorial

Getting Started

Before submitting an event, please make sure your event hasn't already been posted at events.ba.ttu.edu.

  • Search for the event (1).
  • If the event has not been posted, select Submit an Event to begin (2).

Before submitting an event

Step 1

  • Use a descriptive title. Rather than "Lecture" use "Music Lecture Series: Dialogues and Adventures; James Decker, Trombone.
  • "Be specific when entering the time frame of your event. The system can incorporate multi-day events as well as recurring events (which will be featured on the right side of the calendar).
  • Elaborate on the event in the description field, but try not to repeat the same information from the title. Do not include locations and times in the description field (unless it is to add details such as room numbers). The description field is limited to 1,000 characters.



Step 2

  • Choose the location from the drop-down menu. If your location is not listed, choose TBD and suggest a new location.
  • Suggest a new location if necessary.


Step 3

  • Choose your contact name from the drop-down menu.
  • Add the name of your department or organization, phone, web and email address.


Step 4

Select an event based on the category. Please note that Career Management Center (CMC) events will be displayed under both "Career Management Center" and "Students" on the Rawls website.


Step 5

  • Enter your email address.

Note: The Rawls Communications & Marketing department will select events to appear in the featured area of the calendar that appeal to wide audiences and promote the university's academic, research and other strategic initiatives. To have your event considered, please note your request in the additional information box.

  • Click "submit for approval," and you're all set!

Please note: to appear in the featured area on the main page, you must submit a photo. Please do this as quickly as possible after you submit your event. Use the Featured Event Image Template to ensure your event text is visible across devices.

  • The image can be no larger than 480 pixels wide and 320 pixels high.
  • Include the name of event and date with your request.


If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.