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Ph.D. in Business Administration, Concentration in Finance - Dissertation

The dissertation is required to be of publishable quality; thus, giving evidence of original and significant investigation resulting in a contribution to the body of knowledge in the student's area of specialization in Finance.

Formation of a Committee

When the student has successfully completed all required courses and comprehensive examinations, the student is recommended to the Graduate School of Texas Tech University for candidacy to the doctoral degree. Upon approval, the student forms a doctoral dissertation committee of at least three faculty members, which oversees the design and execution of the dissertation proposal. At least one of these faculty members should be from an area outside of finance (e.g., accounting, statistics, economics).

The faculty strongly recommends that doctoral candidates select a topic and the chairman of the dissertation committee within one semester of satisfactory completion of the comprehensive examination. Selection of the remaining committee members should occur shortly thereafter.


It typically takes two to three years to complete a dissertation after the successful completion of the comprehensive exam. Students should plan to defend their dissertation proposal the summer before they enter the job market. The final defense will normally occur the following spring or summer. Finance department faculty members, members of the Graduate Faculty of the College and University, and Finance Ph.D. students are invited to attend the final defense.

Writing Style

The Rawls College of Business has adopted The Chicago Manual of Style for dissertations.

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