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Finance Concentration Program Requirements

Doctoral Core

This component of the doctoral program is common across the five specializations within the Rawls College of Business.

Four of the following courses 1
ACCT 5301 Financial and Managerial Accounting         
FIN 5320 Financial Management Concepts
ISQS 5331 Info. Tech. and Operations Management
MKT 5360 Marketing Concepts and Strategy
MGT 5371 Man. Org. Behavioral and Organ. Design
Both of the following courses
ISQS 5347 Advanced Statistical Methods
BA 5395 Practicum in Higher Education for Business

1May be taken at a distance prior to entering the program. Waived if BBA or MBA is obtained from an accredited institution. Hours do not count towards the 60 hours of required doctoral coursework.

Major Field Coursework

The major field coursework consists of doctoral-level seminar courses dealing with the major functional areas within the discipline and 9 credit hours of BA 7000.

All of the following courses
FIN 6331 Asset Pricing Theory
FIN 6332 Corporate
FIN 6333 Asset Pricing Empirics
FIN 6335 Markets and Institutions
ACCT 6301 Archival Research in Accounting
Other coursework
FIN 60362 Special Topics
FIN 61223 Research Seminar in Finance
BA 70004 Research

2FIN 6036 is a variable hour course of between 1 and 6 credit hours, depending on anticipated workload. The topic of the course and instructor rotates with each offering. Students will typically take this course four times during their first two years in the program.
3FIN 6122 is a one-credit hour course taken in conjunction with the Area of Finance's research seminar series. The Area of Finance has an active research seminar series. During these seminars, faculty and Ph.D. students from Texas Tech and other universities present their current research and receive critical feedback. The seminar series is an excellent opportunity for Ph.D. students to become acquainted with research problems, objectives and methods so they can understand and conduct current research in finance. Ph.D. students meet prior to the seminar to discuss and critique the paper being presented that day. When there is no seminar scheduled, they discuss other academic papers or other topics of interest. This one-hour course should be taken each semester during the first two years in the program and is graded on a P/F basis.

4BA 7000 is a course in which the Ph.D. student works with an individual faculty member on academic research. Students initially take BA 7000 for three-credit hours during the summer in between their first and second year in the program. The end product of the course is a completed working paper, formally presented to the faculty during the weekly research seminar series. Students can enroll in BA 7000 for up to six additional hours (nine credit hours total) to further develop their working paper and/or explore potential topics for their dissertation.

Supporting Field Coursework

For a supporting field, students typically take the following four-course sequence in statistics and economics. Students with an interest in a different supporting field should meet with the Ph.D. advisor to discuss other possibilities for supporting field coursework.

All of the following courses
STAT 5372 Nonparametric Statistical Inference
ISQS 5349 Regression Analysis
ECO 5313 Mathematical Economics
One of the following two courses
ECO 5314 Econometrics                              
AAEC 5307 Applied Econometrics I

Elective Courses

Students should enroll in a sufficient number of elective courses to result in at least 60 doctoral coursework hours (not including "leveling" courses). The following is a list of approved elective courses. Other courses can only be used as elective courses if approved in by the Ph.D. advisor.

Elective Courses
FIN 5321 Financial Management Case Analysis
FIN 5324 Financial Statement Analysis and Equity Valuation
FIN 5325 Seminar in Security Analysis and Investments
FIN 5331 Seminar in Management of Financial Institutions
FIN 5328 Options and Futures
FIN 5329 The Money and Capital Markets
FIN 5333 The U.S. Financial System in a Global Environment
FIN 5334 Real Estate Finance
FIN 5338 Multinational Financial Management
FIN 5345 Real Estate Analysis
ACCT 5320 Analysis of Financial Accounting Information
ACCT 6305 Advanced Seminar in Corporate Governance Accounting Research
ISQS 6347 Data Text Mining for Business Intelligence
ISQS 6348 Applied Multivariate Analysis
ISQS 6349 Advanced Business Forecasting
ECO 5311 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
ECO 5312 Microeconomic Analysis
ECO 5315 Mathematical Economics II
ECO 5316 Time Series Econometrics
ECO 5323 Monetary Theory I
ECO 5328 Monetary Theory II
ECO 5346 Game Theory
ECO 5347 Industrial Organization Theory
ECO 5382 Advanced Microeconomics


Students who have passed their major-field exam and completed their 60-hours of doctoral course work should then register for BA 8000 (Doctor's Dissertation) until graduation. A minimum of 12 credit hours of BA 8000 is required by the Texas Tech Graduate School.

The following course
BA 8000 Doctor's Dissertation                          

While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the Rawls College of Business reserves the right to make changes to pertinent information including but not limited to degree plans and program requirements. 

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