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Program Requirements

The level of competence required in the Area of Management is that of a scholar concentrating in the field and contributing to its progress through research. This implies a broad knowledge of the field of management and its literature and a detailed understanding of current research in a specific sub-area of management. The coursework a student takes in the Area of Management covers both a management core and a specialization within management. Students should work with their faculty advisors in their chosen specialization to tailor coursework to meet their objectives and interests.

Management Core Courses (12 credit hours)
MGT 6375 Advanced Organization Behavior
MGT 6392 Advanced Organization Theory
MGT 6395 Advanced Strategic Management
MGT 6381 Seminar in Advanced Management Topics

Management Specializations (12 credit hours)

  • Specialization is consistent with student's interest to support his/her long-term career goals (i.e., recruitment, promotion, tenure, etc.)
  • Must include a readings/research course (BA 7000) with the faculty advisor.
  • The actual number of courses taken will reflect the formal background needed for an individual student to be prepared for qualifying exams and dissertation research in a specialization within the management discipline.
  • The courses will be supplemented by an ongoing reading and research program designed with the consent of the student's faculty advisors to accelerate publications prior to graduation.

Supporting Fields/Specializations

  • The doctoral program requires (1) a major field and (2) a first supporting field/specialization. Specializations may be in Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory, Research Methods, or Strategic Management. Other options may also be available depending on interest and faculty availability.
  • Management students must complete course work in at least one field that both "supports" a management major and enables the student to acquire "specialized" expertise.
  • In additional to the core courses, students must complete 9-12 credit hours (3-4 courses) in a supporting/specialized field.
  • A second supporting field may also be taken in a related area outside the Rawls College (such as economics, psychology, public administration, etc.).
  • Where justified, and with the permission of the Management Doctoral Advisor, some prior graduate coursework may be used as the second support field and additional coursework in that support field may be waived.

* The Ph.D. Management program is tailored to individual student's needs. Please see RCOBA and Area of Management Ph.D. Handbooks for specific program guidelines and course sequencing requirements. Detailed information may also be obtained by contacting the Area of Management Ph.D. Advisor.

While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the Rawls College of Business reserves the right to make changes to pertinent information including but not limited to degree plans and program requirements. 

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