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Rawls College of Business Professor "Jerry" Hunt Will Be Remembered for his Scholarship, Research, Friendship

July 22, 2008

Author: Rawls College of Business

An online memorial for Jerry has been created here by Area Coordinator Bill Gardner and his staff.

James G.
James G. "Jerry" Hunt, Ph.D., Paul Whitfield Horn Professor in the Area of Management, died on July 22, 2008. Hunt was recognized worldwide for orchestrating academic symposiums, editing scholarly journals and advancing new theories on leadership. His wife Donna Hunt is a fellow lecturer at the Rawls College of Business.

Dr. Hunt began his career at Michigan Technological University where he earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in 1954. Three years later, he received a master's degree in labor and industrial relations from the University of Illinois, where he received a doctoral degree in business administration and psychology in 1966.

Dr. Hunt joined the Rawls College of Business in 1981. During his tenure he served as a professor in health organization management and as director of the Institute for Leadership Research. He was a prolific author and editor as well. He co-authored three textbooks, including Organizational Behavior, on which he just completed work on its tenth edition. His book Leadership: A New Synthesis was named a finalist in the 1992 Academy of Management George R. Terry Scholarly Book Award Competition. He also is a co-editor of three other books: Leadership on the Future Battlefield; Out-of-the-Box Leadership: Transforming the 21st Century Army and Other Top-Performing Organizations and Strategic Leadership; and, A Multiorganizational-Level Perspective. Finally, he founded and co-edited the eight volume Leadership Symposia series.

He also has published almost 200 articles, papers and book chapters and edited numerous monographs and two journals - Journal of Management and The Leadership Quarterly. For each of these, Dr. Hunt also introduced a Yearly Review that focused on a specific topic. His book Leadership: A New Synthesis, was considered a pioneer in framing a comprehensive model to further study leadership traits.

Dr. Hunt was a champion of not only scholarly business research, but also the university in general. His dedication to the university and its students was reflected in his donation to the college to create a scholarship. The Professor and Mrs. James G. "Jerry" Hunt Endowed Graduate Scholarship in Management was created in 1997 with their $100,000 donation and a matching $100,000 donation from the TTU Proctor Ranch program.

"Jerry was a giant among scholars, a wonderful teacher, and a fine friend who changed the lives of countless individuals," said Bill Gardner Area Coordinator in School of Management at the Rawls College of Business. "He will be greatly missed."