Texas Tech University

Wetherbe Teaches and Entertains 200 at Communications Boot Camp

December 3, 2002

Dr. James WetherbeAuthor: Donneva Crowell

Wetherbe Teaches and Entertains 200 at Communications Boot Camp

Dr. James Wetherbe, Bobby Stevenson Chair of Information Technology in the ISQS Area of the Rawls College of Business, presented a special "Communications Boot Camp" on Friday, November 22 to about 200 undergraduate and graduate students.

The seminar, targeted towards students who intend to graduate in 2002-03, was a 3-hour condensation of one of Wetherbe's twenty books, So, What's Your Point?, which deals with effective one-on-one communications skills. Among the topics presented to students were methods for approaching disagreements, increasing believability, avoiding arguments, and keeping situations positive and potentially rewarding.

Wetherbe is internationally known as a dynamic and entertaining speaker, author, and leading authority on the use of computers and information systems to improve organizational performance and competitiveness. He is particularly appreciated for his ability to explain complex technology in straightforward, practical terms that can be strategically applied by both executives and general management. Quoted often in leading business and information system journals, Dr. Wetherbe has also authored over 200 articles, was ranked by Information Week as one of the top dozen Information Technology Consultants, and is the first recipient of the MIS Quarterly Distinguished Scholar Award.