Texas Tech University

Dr. Dukes Named as First SFA Outstanding Educator

March 12, 2003

Dr. Bill DukesAuthor: Donneva Crowell

Dr. William P. "Bill" Dukes, Professor of Finance for the Rawls College of Business, received an Outstanding Educator Award for the Southwestern Finance Association at the 30th Annual Meeting of the Federation of Business Disciplines held in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Dukes is the first recipient of this award, given in recognition for contributions to the profession of finance as well as for his leadership in the Southwestern Finance Association.

"The Southwestern Finance Association has been functioning for over forty years and this is the first time they've given this award," said Dr. Dukes. "I consider it a great honor that they chose me."

Dr. Dukes has been involved with the association since Texas Tech hired him in 1968, serving as the Vice President and Overall Program Chair in 1976-77, and as President in 1977-78. He also served as the executive editor for The Journal of Financial Research from 1979-81, which is co-sponsored by the Southwestern and Southern Finance Associations. In 1997, Dr. Dukes was awarded the Best Paper Award from the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) at the Southwestern Finance Association Meeting that year.

"This recognition is truly an honor for Bill and for Texas Tech University," said Paul Goebel, Professor of and Area Coordinator for Finance. "Bill's involvement with the SWFA has reflected very positively on the University over the years. He has served the SWFA in virtually every capacity possible. His recognition for this outstanding achievement was certainly well deserved, and we are proud to have Bill as our colleague!"

At Texas Tech, Dr. Dukes served as the Chairperson for the Finance Area from 1972-75 and as the Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Program from 1976-85. He has received numerous awards--several more than once--including the Outstanding Faculty Member, Outstanding BA Teacher Award, COBA Leadership Faculty Teaching Award, and the Spencer A. Wells Award.

Dr. Dukes teaches courses in both the corporate and the investments areas, with his primary interest in teaching as well as research being investments. His expertise covers valuation, risk-return, performance evaluation, and valuation of small businesses. He regularly teaches the Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) class.

"One of the subjects all finance students should know about is investments," said Dr. Dukes. "And in teaching them about investments, I'm of the opinion that if you have something to offer, you offer it with great feeling--even if the subject is investments!"