Texas Tech University

TMA Teams up with Monterey

March 25, 2004

Monterey Students at Business SchoolAuthor: Tanner Sykes

The transition to college life from the umbrella of high school is like navigating the Pacific with no compass.

The Marketing Association of the Rawls College of Business understands the frustrations experienced by first-year students and have created a program that gives guidance for students interested in business and marketing programs at Texas Tech.

Tara Lok, member of TMA and Director of Teaching Everyone about Marketing (TEAMs), and Tiffany Gourley, president of TMA, gave presentations on March 25, 2004, to a group of junior and senior marketing dynamic students from Monterey High School in Lubbock.

The first presentation, given by Gourley, covered items concerning the interview process. Gourley stressed the importance of preparation, eye contact, dress and resume presentation.

"I wish somebody had come to my high school and told me the things we're telling them today," Gourley said.

Following the presentation, pizza and drinks were served to more than 25 Monterey students and TMA members in attendance.

The second presentation, given by Lok, gave vital information for the changeover to college life. Time management, social life, study tactics and preparation for assignments were discussed, as well as, the ideal college size for every student and advantages to private, community, technical and public schools.

The Rawls College of Business and TMA understand the frustrations surrounding first-year students and are providing a lighthouse of guidance for those in transition.

For more information about The Marketing Association, contact the Rawls College of Business at (806)742-1985.