Texas Tech University

Rawls College Management Professors Attend Southern Management Association Conference in Nashville

November 12, 2007

Bill Gardner, Ph.D., professor and coordinator in the area of Management at the Rawls College of Business, along with Claudia Cogliser, Ph.D., Jeremy Short, Ph.D., and Tyge Payne, Ph.D., attended the Southern Management Association (SMA) conference held in Nashville, Tennessee, this fall.

Gardner, now the past president of SMA, enjoyed success in helping to grow the SMA membership as well as in producing a refined version of the organization's mission statement and long-term objectives reflecting the values, traditions, and aspirations of the SMA.

In addition, doctoral student attendees Todd Moss and Chris Broberg each received awards for Best Doctoral Student Paper for their respective submissions, "Research in Social Entrepreneurship: Analysis and Critique" and " 'You've Got To Accentuate the Positive' : An experimental examination of how a strengths-based approach to deep-level diversity, performance and conflict can 'Eliminate the Negative'".

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