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Texas Tech Today: Booming Business: Student Entrepreneur Pays Tuition Through iPhone Repairs

September 2, 2010

Daniel Vitiello has multiple locations of his iPhone repair business, is writing a book and plans to further expand his thriving business.

Written by: Leslie Cranford

After fixing several hundred phones, Vitiello says he can probably do it with his eyes closed. Growing up in Rockwall, Daniel Vitiello always worked with his dad on fixing broken things around the house- they always just did it themselves. He didn't know that one day the custom would help him pay his way through Texas Tech and be a viable booming business as well.

"I have always been mechanically inclined," said Vitiello, whose iPhone repair business is now paying for his college education. "I was always working with my dad on fixing our trucks, boats, laptops, basically anything that broke." He said that nowadays for things that he doesn't know how to do, YouTube takes the place of learning by trial and error.

"The first time I fixed my phone was definitely the most difficult. It took me a couple hours and I ended up actually breaking the LCD when I took it out," Vitiello said. "I guess the first time I actually decided to start repairing them for money was when I came home from school this summer."

One of his friends broke her screen in June. He ordered the part, fixed it for her, and realized he could do it in about 10 minutes. That's when the wheels started turning. After fixing several hundred phones, Vitiello says he can pretty much do it with his eyes closed.

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