Texas Tech University

TTU Professor Receives Grant for Cross-Border Logistics Research

March 25, 2011

Research Project Aims to Describe the ‘Intangible Infrastructure' of Border Crossings

Rawls College of Business Associate Professor of Marketing, Dr. Donna Davis, has been awarded a Canadian Studies Faculty Research grant of almost $9,000 dollars for a research project aimed at studying the efficiency and effectiveness of logistics at U.S./Canadian border crossings.

The unique study, funded by the Canadian government, will span nearly nine months in length and include several trips to crossings along the U.S./Canada border that are geographically situated along the Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor. The city of Lubbock is the headquarters for the Ports-to-Plains (PTP) Alliance, the principal advocate for the ongoing development of a multi-modal transportation corridor that spans throughout communities in Mexico, the mid-west, and into Canada.

Dr. Davis' research will first focus on gathering and analyzing secondary data from federal agencies about cross-border trade between Canada and the U.S., before shifting towards first-hand observations and recording of interview data at actual border crossings.

"Today's supply chains are global, even for simple everyday items (try to find something you own that was completely made in the U.S.). So I'm interested in knowing more about why some countries are better players in global supply chains, compared to others," said Dr. Davis, whose research background has been focused primarily on global supply chain management.

Students of Rawls College of Business' new Global Supply Chain Management Program will also benefit from the project, enriching their learning experience by giving them greater exposure to issues surrounding North American trade.