Texas Tech University

Finance Capstone Students Help Home Café

April 27, 2011

The finance capstone students are lending a helping hand to Home Café, a local eatery, in this semester's Finance 4385 project.

The capstone students are trying to help this unique, family-owned restaurant in every way they can. Whether they are promoting the student discounts or bragging about how the restaurant has passed five health inspections in a row, these students are dedicated to helping out. The class is divided up into three teams: operations, cost control, and sales and forecasting. Each of these teams is responsible for different aspects of the business.

The operations team is launching a new Facebook page for the restaurant to get more publicity. The sales and forecasting team is helping the company figure out how much more money it could gain by opening its doors on Saturday. The cost control team is working on allocating the different costs of the company such as donating leftover food items to the Lubbock Food Bank in order to get a tax deduction instead of the food going to waste.

Adam Levensohn, a student in the finance capstone class, said this class is completely different than other classes he has taken. Other classes before this had the instructors tell the students exactly what to do. In this class, it is up to the students to decide how they are going to go about their project.

"We are able to take real world, messy information and interpret it," Levensohn said. "It's very different from my other classes."

Aaron Daniel, another student in the capstone course, agreed with Levensohn.

"There are not many classes I've taken where you have a real world situation to work with," Daniel said. "It will be very beneficial when I graduate and get a job."

Dr. Cashman, the professor of the Finance 4385 course, gives the students a lot of flexibility with their project. This gives the students the incentive to work harder because if Home Café does better, the students will do better.