Texas Tech University

Tech Marketing Association to Travel to Las Vegas, Study Market Research with Cirque du Soleil

April 27, 2011

Next month the Tech Marketing Association will travel to Las Vegas for a professional development trip where they will meet with marketing executives from Cirque Du Soleil - the premier entertainment company that produces such popular shows as "O," "Zumanity," and "LOVE."

Eighteen members of the student-run organization, one of Rawls College of Business' most active groups, will make the first-ever research field trip under the guidance of Dr. Mayukh Dass, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Faculty Advisor to TMA. The members were selected based on their level of participation at the TMA activities during the year.

"This trip will provide our members with a unique opportunity to learn how Cirque Du Soleil identify and manage market segments using consumption data," said TMA Internal Vice-President Ezekiel Briceno. "Additionally, we'll be able to gain insights as to how they target promotions in specific market segments, including ticketing and advertising in different areas."

Often synonymous with Las Vegas culture and style, Cirque du Soleil employs over 4,000 people world-wide and has recently eclipsed 1 billion dollars in annual revenue. The company operates both touring and permanently-based shows that feature a range of exceptional circus styles from around the world, each with its own central theme and storyline.

Briceno envisions more research seminars and company visits for the organization in the future.

"Trips like these provide great opportunities for students to gain valuable insights and real-world experience," he said. "We will continue to work with companies to setup additional seminars and meetings."