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USA Today: Social Saturday: Newfangled Instagram menu reflects new trends

November 9, 2012

November 9, 2012

The other day on Hotel Check-In, we talked about a new concept - the Instagram menu created with customers' photographs of their meals. New York restaurant Comodo's in the early stages of trying out this newfangled, new-media menu.

Well, I found the idea so refreshingly different and relevant to today's social media savvy diners/travelers, that I asked loyal Hotel Check-In reader and social media researcher William "Lin" Humphrey, Jr., to share his thoughts with us.

Humphrey's a Ph.D. student in marketing specializing in business strategies related to social media and mobile marketing at Texas Tech University - and someone who I talk to regularly via Twitter mostly about social media/mobile news and trends. He gets it.

You can call this piece the first in an occasional look at social media in hospitality that I'll run on Saturdays every now and then. Let's call it "Social Saturday."

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