Texas Tech University

Super Rawls Day 2013: A Celebration of Students, Faculty, and Staff

Trevor Bell

September 6, 2013


Dean of Texas Tech's Jerry S. Rawls College of Business Administration, Lance Nail, wasn't all about business at Super Rawls Day 2013 on Thursday, September 5, 2013. The dean participated in food, music and conversation with his faculty and students. Students seemed happy with the presence of Nail at the event and were taking pictures with the dean and going into photo booths with him.

"We just wanted everybody to get out and have a good time and get to know each other better between our faculty and staff and our students," Nail said.

Rawls College organized the event for students, faculty and staff to take a short break from their academic day and to have some time to eat and network with other members of the college.Students were able to line up for burgers, visit student organization booths and enjoy music playing on a speaker in the courtyard.

Nail had a constant smile on his face throughout Super Rawls Day and said he is very optimistic about the academic year at Rawls.

"Our expectations continue to go up for our students and our faculty," Nail said. "Everything is on a positive trajectory."

Dillon Ford, a business graduate student from Rio Ranch, N.M., set up a photo booth in the courtyard for students and faculty to take photos in. He said he enjoyed his undergraduate education at Rawls and is looking forward to the coming years in graduate school."I feel like a lot of the education and networking I gain here from my peers is probably what's going to facilitate changes," Ford said. "As far as expectations, I expect to learn."

Courtney Hall, a sophomore with no declared major from Austin, said she is looking forward to learning from her professors. "I expect to learn a lot and figure out which major I want to go into, because I can't decide between marketing and finance," she said. "But ultimately, I just hope to better my chances for when I get out of college."

Assistant professor Stephanie Thomas said the Super Rawls Day benefits students by allowing them to make new friends in the college and increasing their expectations for what they will take away from Rawls once they leave.

"I think it's to get the students involved and excited about their classes and to get excited about Rawls itself," Thomas said. "They're going to get excited about what they can do after they leave Tech, and once they leave here as a representative of Rawls College."

The bond between students and faculty, Nail said, is strong, but Super Rawls Day was intended to solidify them. "I think the students and faculty will have close relationships this year," he said. "That's always been something special about Tech."

This article was adapted from the original article. Read the original article that appeared in the Daily Toreador.